About Us

Our Therapists are experienced.
We have therapists with 10-15 years experience.

Our therapists are committed to providing services that are consistent with up to date research and best practice. All our therapists are highly trained and participate in regular professional development to be the leaders in their fields.


Julie Warren

Director and Senior Occupational Therapist: OCC0001719411

Clinical Team Leader Occupational Therapy

Brianna Edgar

Senior Occupational Therapist: OCC0001722880

Occupational Therapists

Emma Farrell

Senior Occupational Therapist: OCC0001712414

Freyja Allan

Occupational Therapist: OCC0002025520

Melanie Millington

Occupational Therapist: OCC0002165609

Kassie Snibson

Occupational Therapist

Jess Brown

Occupational Therapist

Clinical Team Leader Speech Pathology

Jen Knowles

Senior Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathologist

Megan Nestor

Senior Speech Pathologist

Caity Burke

Speech Pathologist

Annabelle Gild

Speech Pathologist

Allied Health Assistant

Janell Rawlins

Allied Health Assistant

Dynamic Kids is passionate about achieving your child’s dynamic potential.